Prostate & Urinary Health

Keeping yourself in top notch physical shape is very important to your health, but what about your other organs that get neglected? Prostate disease and cancer are a leading cause of death in males over the age of 50, and with worsening health conditions each year, things aren't going to get better on their own anytime soon.

The simple fact is that you can keep your prostate and sexual/reproductive organs in top shape by using our program on a daily basis. BUT, the first thing I must emphasize with you is something very simple and you must take it to heart. Your penis, nor your prostate, nor your heart, liver, etc. is in any better health than YOU.

If you drink, smoke, and do not take any mineral and vitamin supplements, then you will have health problems no matter what you do. So this is the first step you must take before you can be healthy.

Now, this isn't rocket science, nor do you need to sweat like an aerobics instructor to keep in absolute prime penile health. Below I'm going to list the exercises that you need to do to be in good penile shape, what the exercises target, and what you can expect to see in the next few months or ritual practice with our exercises.

Jelqing is one of the best all-round exercises you can do for your penile health and well being. It not only enlarges your penis, it also strengthens your erectile tissue, promotes great circulation, enhances sensitivity, promotes a stronger sex drive, gives you more frequent erection, stronger erections, and breaks up any BPH build up that blocks urination, causing a poor or weak urination stream.

Over the course several weeks/months, you will experience greater sexual performance, stronger orgasms, improved blood flow and appearance, and a much stronger urination due to the exercised urethra. Your cells will grow back bigger and stronger, and your veins will begin to bulge. Your penis will begin to hang lower in its flaccid state, and appear and feel much thicker and longer in it's erect state.

The benefits just go on and one. Really try to make it a habit to do at least 500 power Jelqs a day. You will find it's time well spent!

Your PC muscle is a great undiscovered muscle that many men are unaware they even have. When properly exercises on a daily basis, you will experience new found control, ability, and strength of not only your sexual ability and functioning, but also your prostate health, which in return, can actually help save your life by helping fight off prostate cancer!

After several weeks/months of PC Blaster and Squeeze and Flex workouts, you will experience some absolutely GREAT changes. Your erections will be harder, your ability to hold off ejaculation will be tremendous, and the volume/intensity of your ejaculations will be dramatically greater than when you started.

The constant exercise of the PC also improves circulation to your prostate and penis, causing a greater sexual desire and ability as fast as the first month.

Here's a simple workout plan to go by that will give you amazing results in as little as 4 months:
10 minute Hot Wrap 100 Light Jelqs to warm up with 500 Power Jelqs with a 30 second break every 100 300 Jelq and Hold stretches, really feeling a good stretch at your base 100 light Jelqs to cool down with Sustain an erection and complete a full Squeeze and Flex workout Finish the workout with a good PC Blaster.


when i am ready for sexual activity the lubricated water in huge comes out and penis fells week

Our answer:

You need some penile fitness.  It will help you out tremendously.


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The PC Blaster

This exercise is a very intense and demanding workout that will absolutely work your PC muscle to the brink of exhaustion. Once again, PC exercises are the most important exercises you can do for penile fitness and strength development...

The Squeeze And Flex

This exercise was developed to strengthen and harden your erections, but will also give you great ejaculatory control, power, and increased volume. Remember, these exercises are for the advanced clients who have developed themselves...

The Power Jelq

This exercise is to be done ONLY by men who have already practiced and exercised all of the topics in our "Intro's" section of our manual. This exercise is quite intense and if you haven't exercised the topics in our "Intro's" section you are running a greater risk of forming bruising or blood spots on your penis...