Penis Enlargement

No matter what you've heard from doctors, friends, or whoever, penis enlargement is possible. Whether you want a longer penis, a thicker penis, or harder more frequent erections, it is ALL possible through the proper exercise. I feel that the whole medical industry in itself is a fraud and should be imprisoned. I know that's a strong statement, but it's true.

From the beginning they have ruined peoples lives by hiding the truth about things and masking them with their "medical marvels" that brake peoples bank accounts and 80% of the time FAIL at what they were paid to do. Surgery is not the way to go, and pumps don't do anything but temporarily inflate your penis.

Thorough exercise to your penis and testicles is the only way you will be able to get the results you desire, and it certainly won't break your wallet or your expectations through doing so. They work IF you use them, and if you must use them to see the results we've hyped about.

In fact, the ONLY thing that should cost you to aid in your exercises is a little Vaseline or Baby Oil for lubrication. This is penis enhancement the right way, not some $1,000 piece of crap contraption like the J** Extender that you could replicate for about 20 bucks at a hardware store.

It's really sad that there are thousands of heartless profiteering gluttons creating worthless crap to sell to men with confidence problems about their penis size. This should be criminal, but it's not. Why? Because it's BIG business.

From vacuum pumps and weights to horrible surgery, there are soulless bastards just waiting to prey on poor men with a penis size complex. That's why I love doing what I do. My program works and penis enlargement is only the tip of the iceberg. Our Program will promote good health and strength to your penis as well, something the others cannot duplicate.

Below is a brief description of what exercises within our manual will enlarge your penis, a how they do so:

The Jelq method was first used by Saundanese Arabs many centuries ago as part of their culture amongst the males. Having a large, well-developed penis showed fertility and power and that was very appealing to the women. At the point of puberty, the boys of the culture were shown by their fathers how to Jelq (milk for enlargement).

For 30 minutes every day, the young men Jelqed their penis, continuing this exercise all the way to adulthood. Once adulthood was reached, they cut down their Jelq sessions to 3 times a week to maintain their size and strength.

This exercise was performed everyday, for 30 minutes, and was aided by mental imagery and breathing. Some of the Arab men attained sizes reaching over 18 and 20 inches in length and 8 inches in circumference. No doubt if all of us were instructed to do the same at boyhood, we would all be hung like horses. After a year of continual milking the average length of each young man extended 10 inches erect and 6 inches in circumference.

Now, wouldn't you have loved to have this kind of size as you entered high school? Anyway, this exercise will lengthen and thicken your penis unlike anything you will ever come across. Jelq works because as you milk your penis, you are forcing blood into spaces in the Corpora Cavernosa that are normally restricted to a certain size. As you continue milking, the spaces in the penis continually stretch larger and larger, breaking down the cell walls within the Corpora Cavernosa (erectile tissue).

As your daily workout continues, the spaces just keep getting larger and stronger, healing at night while you sleep. Within a month, you will definitely see an improvement in size and firmness, but within 3-4 months of daily exercises, the results you will attain are indescribable.

Your erections will be as hard as a length of pipe, your penis will be larger, thicker, hang lower while flaccid, and the improvement in circulation from the exercise will undoubtedly improve sensation and feeling 10 fold. After your first year of daily exercises, you should experience a gain of at least 4 inches in length.

Some men have even been recorded as to DOUBLING their penis size in a year’s time of daily exercise. Now when I say daily exercise, I mean a Jelq session of at least 30 minutes continuous without stopping. This is done to ensure the proper enlarging of blood spaces within your penis.

This exercises stretch out the central tendon-like tissue in your penis, making in longer both while erect and flaccid. The Length Xtender simulates the best part of weight hanging without all the risk. It stretches your penis out at your own pace, and also allows you frequent stops to return circulation to the head of your penis. This exercise can be performed daily, but should be performed at least 3 times a week to aid in the lengthening process.

The Power Stretch also stretches your penis in a similar manner, but also incorporates a under gripped pulling of the testicles to stretch out and lengthen the skin connecting the testicles to the penis, giving you a more "hung" appearance and lower hanging/larger testicles. This exercise also promotes an increase in testosterone and sperm count.


i used to Masturbate . now i am trying hardly to stop it.i want to know if there are some exercises to eleminate the results of Masturbating(i am male 22 years old). thank you for your precious time.

Our answer:

Masturbation doesn't affect your penis size.  Almost every healthy person masturbates. For your penile problems, you can do enlargement exercises, like those found at Penile Fitness.

Dear Sir, I was the member of forsize and PU Forum. Since last three years I am using Power Jelq method,but don't get any benifit. Please advise. Thanks.

Our answer:

You need to do more than one exercise for god's sake.  Follow this program.


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The Power Jelq

This exercise is to be done ONLY by men who have already practiced and exercised all of the topics in our "Intro's" section of our manual. This exercise is quite intense and if you haven't exercised the topics in our "Intro's" section you are running a greater risk of forming bruising or blood spots on your penis...

The Jelq & Hold

The Jelq and hold technique is something you should incorporate after you've jelqed for at least 20 minutes already...

The PC Blaster

This exercise is a very intense and demanding workout that will absolutely work your PC muscle to the brink of exhaustion. Once again, PC exercises are the most important exercises you can do for penile fitness and strength development...