The PC Blaster

The PC Blaster
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This exercise is a very intense and demanding workout that will absolutely work your PC muscle to the brink of exhaustion. Once again, PC exercises are the most important exercises you can do for penile fitness and strength development, I cannot stress this enough!

Having a strong PC muscle will enable you to experience a whole new level of ecstasy when making love with your partner. Imagine having the ability to actually make your erections ROCK HARD, and keep from ejaculating by simply flexing your PC muscle so tight it cut's off the ejaculatory canal. It is possible!

If you are ready to wake up every morning with rock hard erections, increase your ejaculation volume and intensity, and develop the ability to last as long as you want in bed, let's get started!

Sit in a comfortable chair and find a position that you can be comfortable in for 10-20 minutes. Flex your PC and focus on it squeezing, hold for 10 seconds and warm up with a set of 50 PC clamps. While performing these, really breathe in deeply and visualize blood circulation toward your PC as you flex and relax it.

After the 50 clamps are complete, squeeze your PC as tight as you possibly can, not allowing any slack to give. Keep tightening and hold for 20 seconds. Do NOT relax until the 20 seconds are up. Without resting, perform 100 PC clamps, flexing and relaxing at 2-second intervals.

Do not give up! Continue to flex and relax your PC as tight as you can until the 100 clamps are completed. Breathe in deeply and slowly, visualizing energy and power radiating from your PC muscle. Visualize it as strong as anyone's could be.

Once this is completed, now the fun starts. Flex your PC as tight as you possibly can until you've reached your absolute maximum ability. Once there, hold as tight as you can without allowing any slack to give. If you feel the urge to let up, squeeze even tighter and visualize your PC tightening tighter and tighter. Hold this for 1 minute without giving up.

Rest for 2 minutes and really focus on the tingly sensation coming from your PC. It should be very tired and extremely worked after this workout, but it's not over yet. Focus on your PC muscle gaining power with every breath you take. Breathe in deeply and visualize.

Now the last part of the workout is here, the concentration clamps. You're going for a set of 50 without stopping. DO NOT STOP until you have finished the 50 clamps, for you will appreciate the workout when you are finished. Before you start the last part of this exercise, there's one catch.

These clamps aren't the same old flex and relax exercises, these are different. Each time to flex your PC, hold is as tight as you can for 5 seconds, then slowly release taking another 2 seconds. Each flex and relax should take 7 seconds in all. Remember you are going for a set of 50.

Once this workout is complete you should feel like your PC is on fire, and has been thoroughly worked. This exercise improves all round blood circulation to all parts of your penis, and should feel quite fatigued at the end.

Perform this exercise at least 4 times a week and you will soon notice a drastic difference in your erection firmness and ability to last as long as you want by simply flexing your PC when the urge to ejaculate becomes strong. Iron Men will perform this routine everyday and incorporate it into their daily grind.


will these exercises actually make my penis bigger?

Our answer:

Yes it is, by using penis enlargement exercises like those found HERE.

how do u flex the PC muscle? I can't seem to do it.

Our answer:

The same muscle thats used to stop the flow of urine in mid stream.   Also the same muscles used to tighten your anus.


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