Mental Imagery & Visualization

Visualizing where you want to be while you exercise, work, train, etc, will make all the difference in the world as far as results and ability are concerned.

This section is dedicated to practicing mental strength and visualization while you exercise to experience the absolute best results possible for you effort.

Remember, training your penis is the exact same concept as training your body; if you don't workout, you won't get results. You must do these exercises daily, at least 5-6 days a week, or you will not experience the gains that you desire.

Whether you are Jelqing, stretching, or doing PC work, the same basic concept applies. If you visualize your desired size and ability when you work out, you will see results that much faster.

Really focus on your penis while you exercise. Close your eyes and get a good picture in your mind as you exercises.

Now, every time you milk, stretch or PC flex, visualize your penis growing a little bit each time, and your penis becoming the size that you desire.

Really focus on every stroke you take when you Jelq, feeling a good stretch and visualizing a good stretch simultaneously.

Focus on the size you want to be, visualize that you already have it while you work out.

This is about all I can say to you about what and how exactly to visualize your gains while you work out.

Just remember this, the more you make visualization a regular part of your penile fitness workout, the faster and better results you will attain.

This concept goes for anything you do, whether it's penile fitness, exercise, body conditioning, or meditation. The more you foresee your results, and the more you focus on where you want to be, the faster you will get there.

Take care and always remember to visualize your goals!


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