The Jelq & Hold

The Jelq and Hold
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The Jelq and hold technique is something you should incorporate after you've jelqed for at least 20 minutes already. This makes your penis and all of your spongy tissue within the penis warmed up and stretched out enough to where chance for injury is very minimal by over exertion.

This exercise thickens and lengthens the penis in both its erect and flaccid state. After performing a hot wrap for 5-10 minutes, let's get started.

Massage your penis to an erection and flex your PC muscle to make it as hard as you can. Once fully erect, pump your PC 20 times to fully expand your penis as much as possible. Squeeze your PC as hard as you can and hold until your erection becomes partial.

Apply your choice of lubrication and begin your method of Jelqing. While you Jelq, visualize your penis lengthening each time you milk down to your head. Jelq for 20 minutes continuous without stopping. Once completed, rest for a minute and keep massaging your penis to keep it in a partially erect state. Now we are ready for the Jelq and hold.

Begin Jelqing just as you have been, performing each milk with about a 2 second interval between each other. Now, after about 20 Jelqs to get your penis back into the game, Jelq down a little harder than normal. If you're doing it firmly enough your hand should stop when it comes to your head.

When this happens, pull hard enough to feel a good stretch in your penis. Repeat the 20 Jelq set then perform the Jelq and hold with the opposite hand. Continue with this routine over and over again for a total of 500 Jelqs and 25 Jelq and holds. If you feel like you can keep doing them without pain, then use your own judgment on when enough is enough.

At the end of this workout your penis should feel VERY fatigued and appear quite "pumped" looking. Massage your penis to a full, hard erection and pump your PC muscle several times while massaging to enlarge your penis to it's fullest potential. Keep massaging and pumping your PC until the urge to ejaculate is quite strong. Once this sensation is reached, flex your PC as HARD as you can, cutting off any possibility of semen being able to pass through the ejaculatory duct. Keep flexing until the urge is gone, then repeat. Do this 5 times to cool down. Nice workout!

TIP:When performing the Jelq and hold exercise, you hand should automatically come to a stop when it reaches your head. Once your hand stops, begin to squeeze a little harder as you pull down to ensure a tight grip. This is the proper way to perform this exercise.



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