Introduction To The Program

This is the section that will start you out the RIGHT WAY on our Program. Please do not attempt to use our exercises until you know exactly what you want to achieve with our exercises, and what exercises you will want to spend the most time on. Our Program is designed with ease of use and comprehension in mind so that you may navigate easily.

Before you continue on to any of our manual make sure that you have read our LEGAL NOTICE. Also, before you decide to partake in our exercises, make sure you read the entire "Intro's" so that you know the basics of how our exercises work. Below you will see an index of MAIN TOPICS and what exercises really focus on that chosen topic.

Please read all of the information below before you decide to continue.



Now remember, before you start jumping into exercises you aren't ready for, please do the following:

  • Read all of the Intro's so that you know the basics of the exercises

  • Always start out with a Hot Wrap Warm Up to maximize your efforts

  • Utilize Breathing Exercises and Mental Imagery and Visualization, they help more then you could possibly ever realize if done properly.

  • HEALTH HEALTH HEALTH!!! Listen, the most important part of this manual is the Nutrition & Health section. Simply put, you are going to die many years earlier than you should, in HORRIBLE pain, and all because hospitals and pharmaceutical companies lie to you about health. You NEED supplements and vitamins in your life, and you CANNOT get them at stores. BUT, as a very special and respected client to us, we can show where to get the BEST, grade A supplements and vitamins in the world, and better yet we can show you how to get them FREE or at wholesale COST to you.
The purpose in penis enlargement the right way is to enlarge the Corpora Cavernosa and all surrounding spongy tissue that fills with blood when you get an erection. If you start out performing the exercises cold, you will experience more blood spots and bumps than you would if you prepared your penis for the physical workout it is about to undergo.

Just as you should warm up your body and muscle tissue before you workout, the same should go for your penis. This will prepare your penis for the workout ahead by making the blood spaces in the Corpora Cavernosa hot, which expands the tissue and makes it more flexible and spongy. This exercise is called the hot wrap warm up, and should be done before and after every workout you do to your penis and testicles.

First off, start out by taking your penis in the flaccid state and grabbing around the head firmly, but not hard enough to cause pain. Now, pull out with medium force, feeling a stretch at the base and the middle of the penis. Release every 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.

For a few of the stretches rotate your penis in a circle, 10 times to the left, and 10 times to the right. This exercise will stretch out your penis and help prepare for the workout ahead. After you feel that your penis has been stretched out thoroughly, message yourself to a partial erection.

Now, we call this warm up technique the "hot wrap" because you utilize a hot washcloth to expand and warm the tissue in your penis and testicles. BUT, there are other effective if not more effective methods of warming up that you may wish to utilize instead of the using a washcloth. Regardless, we are going to explain the washcloth technique first, then list the others last.

After stretching out your penis as outlined above, get a large wash cloth and soak it under hot water for a minute or so. Stand in the tub and wrap the washcloth around your penis and testicles. This will feel HOT and you will be tempted to pull it away, but persevere because the hot sensation will subside very quickly.

Now, sit on the edge of the tub with your feet in the tub so that you will be comfortable and the water dripping from the cloth will run into the tub and not the floor. Hold this cloth onto your penis and testicles for 2 minutes, and repeat the process 5 times to ensure the cloth keeps its heat. This warm up is done to promote and keep blood within the penis, keeping the blood spaces larger and more flexible. This will aid in faster progress and size gain, as well as promote good blood circulation.

Another way to warm up with this general type of idea is to submerse in a hot bath or hot tub, whichever you have access to. After performing the stretching warm up, fill the bathtub with hot water, filling it just high enough to submerse yourself up to your waist.

If you have a hot tub, turn the temperature up to 104 degrees and submerse yourself the same way as the tub. Once in and adjusted to the heat, stretch and message your penis, pulling it out and rotating it within the tub. Do this for 10-15 minutes before getting out. Do not stay in too long due to the fact that the temperature should be a great deal higher than normal. Prolonged exposure to this kind of heat will cause heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Whichever technique you choose to perform to warm up, ALWAYS do it before and after your workout. This will ensure faster, better results with less chance of spots, bumps, and injury from an unprepared Corpora Cavernosa.


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This site has all the directions you need, and the videos you want can be found on penis exercise.


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