Impotence Strengthening

There are several factors to being Impotent that many Doctors and so-called "professionals" do not explain to the patient. The first being diet and health. As many men begin to get older, you do not produce as much testosterone as you once did. When this happens, your sexual desire diminishes and you penis does not get the circulation it once did. A diet high in red meat, processed foods, and lack of nutritional supplements can aid and also cause Impotence.

Another reason is psychological problems. Many men may have experienced a rude or embarrassing comment from a lover that has actually created a physical barrier from being able to perform sexually. In many cases, it has been because of an anxiety of having a smaller size and worrying about what your partner thinks.

The worst thing you should EVER do is worry about your penis or erection. When you worry, you build anxiety that keeps you from having a strong erection, or any at all. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Our Program was designed to help men just like you!

Other reasons for being Impotent simply are caused from having a very underdeveloped penile system. Just as many men are naturally built or skinny, some men just naturally have a weak penis. In any case, our program will help all areas of concern.

This is the main reason for having such a Program like we do. The following workout plan below will make any man, regardless of present sexual size or ability, an absolute sex machine in as little as 2 months. If you are ready to experience penile fitness and development like you've never imagined, let's get started.

Perform a good hot wrap for 10 minutes and apply to your penis and testicles. This will warm up your sexual organ and help circulate blood to you penis and testicles.

This encourages the growth and development as well as prevents injury by warming the penis up before a vigorous workout. After the hot wrap is complete, apply a generous amount of baby oil to your penis and testicles and make sure the oil is well rubbed in to your skin.

Massage all areas of your testicles and your penis and apply more oil if needed. A good massage will get the blood flowing to all areas of your sexual organs and promote better function and health. Perform a good Testicle Health Massage for about 10 minutes while you also massage yourself to a partial erection. Make sure you are totally warmed up and well lubricated before continuing.

Massage yourself to a partial erection and apply more oil.

This Jelq session is to last for at least 20 minutes continuous and each milk should last one second each. While you are engaged in these exercises, close your eyes and visualize your penis becoming stronger, longer, and thicker with every milk you perform. Visualize blood filling your penis and strengthening it with every milk.

Breathe deeply through your nose and fill your lungs to their maximum capacity. Hold for a few seconds then exhale through your mouth, all while continuing to Jelq. Every 20 Jelqs perform a strong PC flex and hold for several seconds before relaxing. This will build more power into your penis and help keep it in a partially erect state.

After about 15 minutes into your Jelq session, begin to Jelq a little harder than you have been, really driving blood into your penis and Glans (head) with every stroke you milk down with. You should feel a tingle in your penises head when you begin these stronger strokes. Finish out the last 5 minutes with these stronger strokes.

Great, you should feel like your penis is very pumped and filled with blood at this point. Begin to stroke your penis to a full erection, pulling it out with your hands and massaging all areas that feel pleasurable. Pump your PC 30 times while you continue to massage yourself to keep an erection.

Squeeze each contraction as tight as you can to get your PC pumped up and to get the blood flowing throughout your genitals. After the 30 PC flexes, relax and continue to massage your self. You erection should feel even harder by now, so continue to massage your self until you feel the urge to ejaculate approaching.

When you feel the urge is strong, squeeze your PC muscle as tight as you can, breathing as deep as you can through your mouth while contracting your PC. Keep squeezing tighter and tighter until the urge to ejaculate has gone away. Massaging yourself to a hard erection again and do the same thing, squeezing your PC when the urge to ejaculate is strong.

Repeat this over and over again until your PC is quite tired from holding off the urge to ejaculate, approximately 15-25 times.

DO NOT EJACULATE during this exercise! This teaches ejaculatory control and will increase your testosterone levels after several days of practice. Limit your ejaculations to only once or twice per week. This not only will develop a strong ejaculatory control, but also will increase your ejaculation levels tremendously when you do climax.

Remember, patience is the key. After you are tired from holding off ejaculation, continue to massage yourself to maintain a strong erection. If you feel the urge to ejaculate, just stop massaging yourself for a little while until the feeling goes away, then continue. Work yourself to a hard erection, then take one hand and grab around the top portion of your penis and apply a light amount of force.

Now, begin to blast our as many PC flexes as you can until you lose your erection. You should be able to feel your erection pulsating every time you flex your PC. Massage yourself to another erection, and repeat the above process. Do this as many times as it takes until it is hard to get an erection.

You have completely worked all aspects of your sexual organs, developing all vital parts that enable you to have strong, frequent erections and well as superior ejaculatory control.

If you do this Program everyday, for at least 5-6 days a week, I guarantee in 3 months you will be so developed it will absolutely blow all expectations you have out of the water. This is penile development the right way, but don't just take my word for it. The proof is in the pudding. Get started! Don't procrastinate, it only hurts YOU.


  • If you stay on this program for at least 5 days a week, you will experience a new found lust for life you've never experienced before.
  • You will begin to wake up with rock hard erections in the morning, something many men lose when they are in their teens.
  • You will experience harder, more frequent erections.
  • You will experience actual penis enlargement, not only lengthening but also much more thickening.
  • You will experience a greater sex drive and desire for your partner like you've never experienced before.
  • You will experience great ejaculatory control and sexual stamina that will leave you and your partner both impressed.
  • But most importantly you will experience a great sense of self confidence, something many of you have lost long ago.
This Program will help every aspect of your sex life, so please don't put it off.

Make it a habit, every day. Trust me, you'll thank us in the very near future.


Hi , i am 20 years old and i havin problem with erection. Everytime i wan to have sex with my gf, i penis will erection for a few min and slowly lose it's erection . What should i do? Is there something wrong with my penis?

Our answer:

The members are of penile fitness is probably what you need. You have so many questions about so many areas that it is more than worth your money and time to join a solid program for the long haul.

Don Lentz
I'm still waiting for my ID# Don

Our answer:

Check your spam box.

Joe Simons
I had a normal penis but about 20 years ago its flaccid size reduced to 4inches but errect size was ok . I have been doing PE since late April 2008. I have gained 1.5inches. I'm now 7.5 BPEL. But the flaccid is still same. How can I improve upon the flaccid length.

Our answer:

Awesome gains.  Try more stretching both while flaccid and while partially erect.


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