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What are supplements?
Supplements are substances extracted from various foodstuffs or various plants and even minerals. Their role is to bring to your diet those substances that have proven useful for certain effects like increasing muscular mass, acceleration of the healing process, anti-oxidants and so on in such cases where it is difficult to obtain them from your regular meals.

Let's take for instance the Vitamin E. You can get 400 units by eating 5 kilograms of peanuts of by taking a single pill. Creatinine - you can get 20 grams of it by eating 5 kilograms of veal or just with 4 teaspoons of powder.
You can see how it's easier just to take a supplement - cheaper too. Imagine having to cook 5 kilograms of veal...

Supplements are an absolute must for a serious enhancement program. However they must come as a completion of your regular meals as the name suggests - they must supplement your diet not replace it. Make sure you take supplements based on a rigorous program and if you notice any secondary, unwanted effects you should stop taking them immediately and visit a doctor. Always respect the conditions and the dosage stated on the labels and under no circumstances buy a supplement that is not labeled or from an unsafe source.

WARNING: The tests that determine the effects of a supplement are performed on voluntary subjects and are based on an average of the results. Some of us respond better to some supplements and others don't. You should not base your assumption that a supplement is good for you solely on what others have said.

We have tried to establish a hierarchy of supplements based on their importance. This is not a definitive identification - rather a guide for your evaluation.

Vitamins and minerals
Even if you have a balanced diet, vitamins and minerals are usually deficient and this is why they should be supplemented first of all. Among the most important vitamins we count the anti-oxidants: A, C, E ; the minerals that affect the hormonal system: zinc, chrome, bor.

Supplements taken immediately after practice
No matter what your objective is, a supplement is almost mandatory after practice for people who want to achieve fast results. It must include proteins (rapid absorption are preferred,) simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates and electrolytes. It may also include creatinine, glutamine, hmb and others.

MRP (Meal Replacement Powder) Supplements
These replace a meal by insuring the organism has all necessary nutrients but lack the excess fat a regular meal offers. Those are also characterized by scope. For people who wish to loose fat they are rich in fiber and include complex but fewer carbohydrates and for people who wish to increase their muscular mass they are rich in carbohydrates.
There are other important types of supplements like creatinine, aminoacids, thermogenics, hmb, fish and seed oils... is affiliated to, the internet's Premier Nutrition superstore. We can offer you any supplement and any brand you may ever need. Please use the form below to search for any brand of supplement available on the market.



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