Erection Strengthening

It's very sad that in America alone we have more than 30 million men with Impotence. This is horrifying because all Impotence is caused from is having a weak, underdeveloped PC muscle and Corpora Cavernosa (erectile tissue).

Simply put, your penis is out of shape! Once you have Impotence, your body responds to the un-use of your sexual organ by decreasing testosterone, creating a DRASTIC decrease to a nonexistent sex drive, which does nothing but worsen.

Even though this can be cured and prevented quite easily through simple exercise to your penis and Vitamin/Mineral supplementation, our doctors would rather pump you full of drugs and bullshit half logic on your health. This is a very sad and pathetic state of health in America today.

But never fear! Every once and a while comes a person that's had enough and wants to spread the word of truth and health to everyone who will listen to it with an open ear, that someone being myself.

It makes me sick that men think that being Impotent is their fault, when in fact it's the fault of the medical industry NOT informing us about the truth. They would rather feed us full of bullshit so that they can sell the trillion dollars worth of life-destroying drugs every year.

This section will explain what exercises will strengthen and develop your erections and ejaculatory control muscles, and how they work:

The Power Jelq is more of a penis enlargement exercise, but it has many beneficial penile health inducing properties when done regularly. If you have weak erections or have bouts of Impotence regularly, you have VERY poor blood circulation to your penis and testicles.

Having proper blood circulation to ANY part of your body is VITAL if good health is desired. A lack of blood circulation to the penis will weaken and shrink the Corpora Cavernosa, and also lessen the sensation and feeling during intercourse, hence promoting Impotence development.

The milking action in The Power Jelq will force blood into the blood spaces within the Corpora Cavernosa, not only enlarging the penis but also training the body to accept more blood flow throughout the entire penis. Regular Jelqing will ensure a well circulated, healthy, and stronger penis after several months of vigorous exercise.

PC flexes, also known as "Kegels", are without a doubt the most important element of penile exercise. Make note of this and make it sink in. Your ejaculatory strength and ability, your erection strength and firmness, and your Prostate health and wellness is ALL directly involved in how much you perform these exercises. You CANNOT over do these exercises, and I promise that if you do nothing but PC exercises from this manual, it will totally change your life forever.

Regular PC Blaster exercise will massively devolve your PC muscle, which in turn will give you ROCK HARD erections of steel, drastically improve blood circulation to the penis, massively increase ejaculation volume and intensity, and actually give you a VERY healthy Prostate which actually helps prevent Prostate cancer, a leading cause of death in men.

The Squeeze & Flex exercise is simply an advanced PC exercise that incorporates a medium to a tight grip around the erect penis as you perform Kegels. This adds resistance to your PC workout by squeezing against the pulsating erection as you flex your PC muscle. Many months of PC Blaster exercise is needed for the average man to be able to last very long with this workout.

Your Testicles are the most important part of the reproductive organs because they hold the key to developing testosterone and sperm. If you neglect them, then you will not be able to perform sexually like you desire.

Our Testicle Health Massage will explain in detail exactly how to massage your Testicles and surrounding areas, which will aid in the increased production of Testosterone, which in turn raises your drive for sex. This exercise also promotes better blood circulation to your testicles, increasing sperm count and ejaculation volume.


i just want my penis to be hard its long enough

Our answer:

Well there is plenty of information here to make yourself bigger.  I'd also suggest checking out penile fitness. You could also try MSF pills for extra gains.

I am really glad to find this website. I wish I had this knowledge back in 2004. Thank you all. GOD BLESS.

Our answer:

Thank you so much!

Is PC BLASTER the only workout I need to get rock-hard erections? I really dont feel need to enlarge my penis right now... Just want my erection to last.. And should the PC Blaster exercise be done everyday orrr 4 times a week or what?

Our answer:

Yes, it will help, But I would recommend regular stretching and jelqing to keep your penis fit.  This will strengthen your erections and improve your overall erection power and health.

I am 26 years old I have very small penis and i want # rock-hard erections # longer-lasting and more powerful ejaculations # higher volume of semen # sexual confidence please suggest me in my mail

Our answer:

I think the very best site in the world to join would be bigger penis techniques, which comes with full access to men's forte'.  I really do recommend this site to everyone because I belive in it.

oye ishola
I leave very far from you and will need a natural cure/method to maitain erection for as long as intercause last. Thank you.

Our answer:

Well, distance doesnt mean anything since anyone who has internet access can view this site.  This site has everything you need.


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