Curvature Straightening

Having a curve in your erection can be a very painful experience for your partner, not to mention an embarrassing feature for you as well. This is a very big problem for 30% of men out there who have either a slight curve or a massive curve in their erection.

What causes this curve? Well, it's from having a weak Corpora Cavernosa, which allows the shaft to bend a certain direction because of the weaker cell walls. This problem can be easily dealt with using Jelq.

This exercise strengthens your Corpora Cavernosa on both sides of your penis, and will start to form a straighter penis after several months of daily exercise.

Though this exercise is basically the same as you have read before, there is a little "twist" you must utilize. Begin Jelqing just like you have before, grasping around the base of a partial erection, squeezing fairly tight and sliding it to your head, repeating with the other hand.

Every 5 or 10 Jelqs, milk your penis against the curve, bending it the opposite way as you milk down to your head, This will begin to not only strengthen your shaft, and also help strengthen the wall that's curving, slowly training it to bend the opposite way.

As you milk down, really concentrate on your penis rebuilding with each stroke. Concentrate on visualizing your penis expanding and straightening every time you milk, taking deep breaths through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. With each breath you breathe in, visualize a ball of energy growing and expanding in your stomach and chest.

Once you cannot breath in any more, exhale and visualize the ball of energy flowing down and out through your penis as you continue to milk strongly. You will find that results will come much faster when you do this.

With this exercise, I would recommend going for reps, not time, but either is good. When I usually Jelq, I go for reps anyway.

My routine is as follows:

  • A Hot Wrap warm up for about 5 minutes with light stretching followed by massaging to a partial erection while doing about 100 PC clamps.
  • Using baby oil, I begin light Jelqing for about 100 Jelqs, then move into the slower, power Jelqs.
  • I do exactly 500 power Jelqs, and finish with 200 medium pace light Jelqs.
  • Apply another hot wrap for about 5 minutes and the move into about 200 PC blasters without stopping.
  • Once completed, I massage myself to a full erection and begin the squeeze and flex exercise until I am fully fatigued from the exercises.
  • You will know when you should quit when you cannot hold of the urge to ejaculate anymore.
  • This is when you should stop, and DO NOT ejaculate. You must practice restraint!
All in all, It takes me about 40 minutes to exercise every day, but that's 40 minutes that is well spent, especially when you see the difference in your size and performance in a few months.

REMEMBER, this Program takes dedication and desire to achieve results most of you long for. It takes several months of practice, and daily maintenance, just like working out your body. If you stop, you become weak again. Never stop, and after about 6 weeks of daily exercise, you will find that it has become a habit to do each day. When this takes place, you'll be in the butter zone! Take care and happy training.



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