The Arabic Jelq Method

Arabic Jelq
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One of the key exercises in our manual is a variation of the Arabic "Jelq" Method. This exercise is hundreds of years old, and is the most powerful penis enlargement exercise known to man. This introduction will explain the basics of how to do the exercise, what the exercise does exactly, why it works. No matter what methods you decide to do for enlargement, Jelq should be done every day to keep the Corpora Cavernosa in top-notch shape and circulation.

3 months of daily exercise is needed to see significant gains, but MANY of our clients including myself have gained 1" within the first 6 weeks of daily 30-minute continuous Jelq sessions. Remember, before you ever start a penile exercise session, you should always start out by stretching out your penis lightly by grasping around the head and pulling outward.

Rotate your penis once extended outward in a circular motion. Do this for a few minutes to make sure you are ready for a Hot Wrap. Once warm up is completed, dry off your penis and testicles with a soft towel so that the water doesn't contrast with your lubrication.

The Jelq method is also called "milking" because of the obvious milking technique the Jelq resembles.

How it works is like this:

  • By lightly massaging the penis to a partial erection, blood is held within the penis.

  • By grasping around the base (bottom) of the penis shaft with your thumb and forefinger, you trap the held blood within the penis. You must grasp ALL the way around. Make an "OK" sign with your forefinger and thumb, your penis should be in the middle as you grip tightly.

  • Take your thumb and forefinger and squeeze all the way around your penis, then slide them forward, slowly the blood within the penis is forced forward into the Corpora Cavernosa, (erectile tissue), and the Glans, (head).

  • The blood spaces within the penis are forced larger every time you milk forward. As one hand milks forward to the beginning of the head, grasp around the base of the shaft just like before with the other hand, releasing the hand that has reached the head and repeat with the other hand, over and over again at a medium to slow pace (one second intervals).
After an intense Jelq session of at least 30 minutes, your penis should look and hang like the picture to your left (SORRY, no pic!) (though it probably won't be this big).

30 minutes is the least amount of time you need to spend on a continuous Jelq session once you've overcome the soreness and red spots/bumps faze. In the beginning when you first start your Jelqing, most men experience red spots, bumps, or light bruising on the penis head and surrounding areas.

Don't worry because this is perfectly normal and will usually subside within the first week of exercise. These are simply caused from the stretching of the blood spaces within your penis and the new increased blood circulation. To minimize these "battle wounds" start out slowly, and build yourself up where you should be.

Below is an example of how you should start and what you should work your way up to:

  • In the beginning, start out by doing 300 milks a day. Follow this by a 15 minute Hot Wrap. Each milk should last 1 second from grasping the base and sliding to the head. Do this for one week, and be sure to do 100 Kegels a day. This will aid in the new circulation and strength building taking place within your penis.

  • The second week will be much harder than the first. 10 minutes of continuous Jelqing then follow by doing 200 Kegels (PC Flexes). Do not ease up unless you happen to feel pain, which is highly unlikely. Apply a Hot Wrap for 10 minutes to finish the session.

  • The third week you should be ready for 30 minutes. Now, this takes will and desire. Not every man who reads this manual is going to do these exercises all the way, simply because they are LAZY. Make sure you are real warmed up and have done a Hot Wrap for at least 10 minutes before exercise. Once you have started, don't stop!

    Keep going and keep a watch near by so you know exactly how long you have been Jelqing for. Don't look too much though or you will get discouraged. Afterward finish off with a 10 minute Hot Wrap and a 300 Kegel workout. Continue on this program for 5 weeks, a total of 2 months since you first started. After the 2 months you will know exactly how you like to Jelq and may actually add your own style change to the exercise. Just do what feels good and feels like it's working. I don't want to explain the Jelq exercise too much, it's simple to do and I don't want to complicate it for you.

Please finish this Program above for 2 months before attempting to proceed with the "Exercises" section of the manual. It is for advanced practitioners and most men will not be able to do them until they have worked their way up. Use this as a rule of thumb, you will appreciate this Program more if you do so.

TIP 1: Your choice for lubrication is a crucial one, because if you choose one that evaporates easily then you will get tired of reapplying it. Your best bets for Jelqing are Vaseline and Baby-Oil. I personally use Johnson's & Johnson's Baby Oil with Vitamin E added. I find that it is a good lube for exercise plus is also nice to apply to your penis and testicles after showering to keep them healthy and supple. I don't recommend using lotions or other forms of skin treatment products for Jelqing because they evaporate very fast and you will use them up quickly compared to Vaseline or Baby oil.

TIP 2: If the continuous exercise forms painful bruising on your penis, stop all exercising and wait for the bruising to subside. You can always perform Kegels and stretching, and I suggest getting into the habit of doing Kegels while you drive or while you are sitting at work, school, etc. Kegels are so important to the overall development and health of your penis, you can't afford not to do them. Every man should do at least 500-1000 Kegels a day.

TIP 3: Take one day off every 6 days, and that's it. If you take excessive time off in-between Jelq sessions you will NOT see results like you want. Results will come over time, but you MUST be consistent and keep exercising. Please do not e-mail me in 3 weeks and say, "I want my money back, I didn't gain and inch in 3 weeks of exercising. if you do, I will NOT respond. 3 weeks is not long enough to do anything, let alone gain an inch. True, some men have in fact e-mailed me with a success e-mail stating that they have gained an inch in 3 weeks to a month, so anything is possible. Simply put, the more you dedicate to the exercises, the more results you will see faster.

TIP 4: You must apply the Mental Imagery & Visualization and Breathing Exercises to your workout because it will allow you the best results possible. It will not only aid in keeping your penis at a partial erection, but also keep from getting a full erection and overcoming the urge to ejaculate, either when you are exercising or having intercourse. Please utilize all the information so that you may achieve the maximum results and benefits possible. If you can't keep a partial erection and begin to go limp, visualize blood filling your penis every time you milk, and try doing several Kegels while you Jelq to send more blood to your penis. Remember to do at least 500 Kegels a day to develop your penis strength and ejaculatory strength plus control. Kegels are the key to ultimate penile power!

TIP 5: DO NOT Jelq in the shower! Most men won't stand up for the amount of time needed to have a good Jelq session, and if you use soap you will be sore for days! Please, for your sake, do not Jelq in the shower and do not use soap! A hot bath or hot tub is good to submerse in after an intense Jelq session, and if you have either you are lucky! The heat will keep the blood spaces expanded longer and will also promote faster healing for faster results! IF you do not have either, a Hot Wrap is also good.

TIP 6: If you feel the uncontrollable urge to ejaculate while performing Jelq, you have a very weak and poorly developed ejaculatory muscle "PC". Upon the first sign of ejaculation, stop and wait for the feeling to subside. This will also teach restriction which will help when you make love. You need to really focus on PC strengthening if you can't help but to ejaculate when Jelqing. Please continue to Length Xtender Intro next, but also be sure to check out our Nutrition & Health section as well, it may save your life or the life of your loved ones!



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