Welcome to our Online Penile Enhancement Program! First off, we would like to thank you and congratulate you on taking your first step at actually doing something about your personal and sexual well being. Penis enlargement is NOT something that should be embarrassing or "funny", but some people take it that way. This is why we are making this Online Program available, so you can read and view it in the privacy of your own home or office.

Before you begin, BOOKMARK this page NOW for future access after your username and password expires, and please follow these simple directions so that you may utilize all that our manual has to offer, and gain the best results possible through our exercises:

  • Before doing ANYTHING, read our LEGAL NOTICE. This protects us from any scum balls out there looking to take someone to court to make a lousy buck. Our Program is to be taken as Information ONLY.

  • PLEASE, MAKE SURE TO READ the Nutrition & Health section of our manual! It will SHOCK you, but it is all 100% true and you MUST do something about your present health situation or you WILL die 40 years before you should. This is groundbreaking information, yet we've known about it for 70 years! Find out what Doctors and the Government WON'T tell you because it's more profitable to TREAT the disease than it is to CURE the disease.

  • Read the entire "Intro" section before engaging in any of the "Exercises", so you will understand and know how to properly perform them as well as know any potential risks by over-performing the exercises.

  • Don't jump into any of the exercises until you've read all the information on them. Some exercises will cause small red or blue dots on the head of your penis. DON'T worry, it is perfectly normal and should subside within the first week of exercise. The dots are caused simply from the increase in blood flow to your penis.

  • As a rule of thumb, you should read the WHOLE manual before choosing where to begin your exercise regimen so that you know exactly what each exercise targets and what kind of results you are looking to achieve.

  • Make sure you read the "Breathing Exercises", "Mental Imagery and Visualization", and "Nutrition & Health" sections. These areas will aid in your progress more than you could possibly imagine, and you MUST utilize them correctly to achieve the results you dream about. Penis enlargement is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to results from our manual. We can help you change your life if you allow us.

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By using the following exercises contained in this Online Program, you hereby hold erectionstrengthening.com NOT responsible for ANY injury that may occur directly or indirectly by use or misuse of the exercises contained within.

By continuing forward with this manual, you are agreeing to this statement and hereby acknowledge this agreement as legal binding evidence if any situations would arise.

We are NOT responsible for any injury caused from these exercises. Please, follow the directions carefully, and as any exercise program, you should consult your doctor and/or urologist before engaging in any vigorous exercise, either to your penis or your body.


Sir, I need treatment of my penis.But i live in Bangladesh. so how can i get the medicine here? plz explain me.

Our answer:

All you have to do is join PenileFitness.com. Doing the exercises will force more blood into your penis chambers. This will enlarge your penis and you will benefit from rock hard erections and heightened sensation during intercourse.

how can i increase the size of penise and last for longer time in bed

Our answer:

The answer is PenileFitness.com. You will gain a big penis, strong ejaculations, big hard erections, ejaculation control, new and amazing sensations during intercourse .

hi, my problem about my cock cum fast and not to be hard for long time when i did any sex? Is there a medical treatment for that?

Our answer:

You need to build up your erection control.

I just wanna know some handheld exercise which can help me to increase length girth as well as strength of my penis,pls help

Our answer:

penile fitness is what I've used for my gains.

My penis is not strong enough to have sex. It can work only the beginnig, then become weak.

Our answer:

You'll find the solution to your problems at the Penile Fitness Online Male Enhancement Course


Our answer:

Hmmm, this is an interesting question.  I'd suggest Killer Sex Positions and Tantric Sexual Techniques.

I was having successfull sex with my wife .. but suddenly one day my penis is not getting hard we tried couple of method to get it hard enought to have sex it is getting hard for little seconds only is there any exercise that i can try ?

Our answer:

Yes, there are many exercises listed here.  Videos are available on get your penis big.

how can increase the size in length and gridth

Our answer:

I've used penile fitness for 10 years and have gained well over 2 inches in length and girth.  It's what I would suggest.

i just wanted to know how i can make my penus hard at the time of sex

Our answer:

Oral stimulation always works for me, but everyone is different.  COmmunicate to your partner what turns you on.  Check out some great tantric sex techniques to try.

can you please show me a video of penis enlargement excercise ..i couldnt understand it properly ..thank u

Our answer:

Yes, go to the penis exercise website or for the best videos, check out penile fitness.  The first site is free but requires a valid email address validation, and the 2nd site is more than worth the membership cost.

Mine Penis size is to small i want to increase my size & also not able to satisfy my partner.Pls help me.

Our answer:

You can increase your penis size and strengthen your erections by fully reading this website and following the directions we have laid out for you.  This website has the techniques that I've used for over 10 years to gain more than 2 full inches in length and girth to my penis size.

To learn how to satisfy your lover, theres a few good free sites to check out, Tantric Sexual Techniques and Killer Sex Positions

K.D. Jeen
how to continue strengthen the penies all the time during intercourse

Our answer:

Just keep doing the exercises for penis enhancement.  Do them at least 3 times per week, and you will see you rerection being stronger throughout the entire sex act.

How to increase the penies size in length and gridth?

Our answer:

You are posting this question on a free penis program.  Can you not read?


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